LSAT Books For Sale

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LSAT Books For Sale

Postby imkaereie » Thu Jun 14, 2012 9:57 am

Is it allowed to offer test prep books for sale on this forum? If not, I am so very sorry and please do not block me! I'm posting this because I don't see a rule stating otherwise.

Anyway, I'm starting 1L in the fall. I have a number of used LSAT books for sale. They all have writing in them and are in decent condition. Sure beats paying $500+ just for new LSAT books. PM me for prices, free shipping, I'm in Chicago. The titles are:

Powerscore Bible - Logic Games
Powerscore Bible - Reading Comp
Powerscore Bible - Logical Reasoning
The Official LSAT Super Prep
10 Actual Official LSAT Preptests
10 More Actual Official LSAT Prep Tests
The Next 10 Actual Official LSAT Preptests
Kaplan LSAT Logic Games Workbook
Kaplan LSAT Advanced
3 books from Kaplan LSAT prep course
LSAT preptests # 39-41, 43-60

thanks -

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Re: LSAT Books For Sale

Postby Noblesse_Oblige » Thu Jun 14, 2012 9:59 am

There is actually a selling section at the bottom of the forum on the index page. Better off there I think.

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