So who here gives good advice?..

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Re: So who here gives good advice?..

Postby Ludo! » Fri Jun 15, 2012 2:10 am

boblawlob wrote:
Ludovico Technique wrote:I'm not good at grammar I guess because those look exactly the same to me

haha I'm just looking at things as if they were in the LR section...

Your version seems to be "If you plan on attending law school in Fall 2014 or later, take February 2013 LSAT."

My version is stating "If you take the February 2013 LSAT, then you are planning on attending law school in Fall 2014 or later" aka "If you don't plan to attend law school Fall 2014 or later, then don't take the February 2013 LSAT (meaning take it earlier than that)."

Haha ok well I definitely meant the latter. It was a preemptive warning in case he thought he could take it in February and then attend the same fall


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Re: So who here gives good advice?..

Postby Bgibbs » Fri Jun 15, 2012 2:42 am

Take a full length test to find out where you're at currently and what your weaknesses are, then attack those weaknesses. You have enough time to prepare but you have to be dedicated. Want motivation? This test will essentially determine whether you have a great chance of employment or a horrible one. Aim for a score good enough for the T14 (essentially, 170 or higher). You don't necessarily have to want to go to a T14, but a score that high will also net you scholarships at T1 schools.

Also, look around these boards and research the current state of legal hiring, especially at schools you're interested in. It's probably much worse than you thought, unless you've already done your research.

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