Should I take this LSAT or wait for October?

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Should I take this LSAT or wait for October?

Postby helpplease » Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:32 am

Hey guys, I'm posting in this thread because I mainly want advice from fellow test takers and want to see if anybody has been in a similar situation.

My last two practice tests have been a 164 & 165. My diagnostic a month ago was a 151 and I definitely can still improve in some areas (RC), but I don't know whether I should wait until October and take it then or just get it over with now. I'm shooting to get admitted at UT, (3.56-3.8, 165-170), and my current GPA is a 3.51; however, I do have an excellent resume and am a Texas resident, but i'm not really sure how much that'll help.

Also, my biggest concern with taking the October LSAT is that I start a full-time internship in a week that'll last the entire summer and when school starts back up again i'll be busy with classes and extracurriculars/part-time job. Don't know whether I can increase to a 168ish considering that i'll probably only have ~2 hours a day to study. Any advice/recommendations is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!!


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Re: Should I take this LSAT or wait for October?

Postby odutayo2 » Sun Jun 10, 2012 11:15 am

Two hours a day from now until October actually is a sufficient amount of time to study. Given that you seem to have put in significant time to increase your 151. The difference between your 164 and 170 is somewhere around 10 questions. Look at it this way, you can increase your score by 1-3 questions a month from now until the test and be in good shape.

The other thing, however, is that by missing the exam you'll be reported as absent, aside from loosing a couple hundred bucks. I'd like to really encourage you to take the test, but clearly if you're posting this the day before, you may not be ready. Regardless if you take the test tomorrow or in October, try to become less anxious about the test the closer you get to the test date. You know better than anyone else if its feasible for you to put in enough time studying from now till October to get you the increase you want. Best of luck!

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