Withdrawing from June LSAT - need advice

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Withdrawing from June LSAT - need advice

Postby esh12 » Fri Jun 08, 2012 7:35 pm

I made the decision after studying earlier today to withdraw from Monday's LSAT. I simply wasn't scoring what I wanted to (172+) on the PT's, and found myself getting the same # wrong on each LR section (my weakest) even though I was positive that I had shored up my previous mistakes. I was and have been averaging 5 wrong on each section. The next step is to log onto LSAC and make it official, pushing this back to October. However, I'd like to share some background info and would appreciate any advice based on my situation:

-Ordered "10 New Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests" mid-Feb, thinking this was all I needed to study
-I was wrong, and by end of March I signed up for a $25 e-book called Test Sherpa, thinking this would help
-The e-book, though somewhat useful, was nowhere near comprehensive - I again conceded that I needed more help
-About a month after messing around with Test Sherpa, I signed up for Velocity end of April
-This was when I really started to buckle down on my LSAT studies, but I knew I was on a time crunch for the June test
-Velocity, to its credit, has been very helpful but I feel like I need more time to "get there"
-I've been prepping with Velocity for 1 month and 2-3 weeks
-I work a full-time job in finance, have been out of school for 2 years, make okay money ($60k/yr), but know that law is where I want to go (T-14)
-I had been dead set on taking the June administration so much that for the past 3 weeks I had been up until 2-3 am on the weekdays studying

Now, I feel burned out, I'm cranky to friends+family, and feel frustrated that I cannot get over the hump. I'm thinking about quitting my job to focus on this full time. Would the gap from now until I get into law school look odd on my resume, or would it be frowned upon for either admissions or even much later when I look for a job upon graduation? Am I going off the deep end for wanting this so badly, enough to resign from my job?

Any other commentary on the above would be appreciated. I feel so close to really understanding the test, I just need more practice and repetition for pattern recognition.


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Re: Withdrawing from June LSAT - need advice

Postby collegebum1989 » Fri Jun 08, 2012 8:56 pm

I withdrew from my test administration as well, so don't feel bad, it's just life. I don't feel as though you need to resign from your current job, just that you need to study in a more targeted manner. How far are you from your 172+ goal?

I myself had the same goal (scoring-wise) and got to be able to scoring 165-167 range so I didn't meet my goals either. I raised my score from a 157 cold diag and 154 proctors exam. The largest improvement was just hammering full tests with timed conditions to get build mental stamina. Along the way, I took a combination of timed and untimed section drills to ease the process.

If you retake in October, you will still be able to apply this cycle. But not sure if you need to quit your job over this. Have you taken practice tests? Drills? Etc. The key is keep repeating what you do as you've said and recognize the deficiencies in your studying for the June administration.

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