Dealing with LSAT Frustration

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Re: Dealing with LSAT Frustration

Postby LSAT>LDAC » Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:37 pm

Mal Reynolds wrote:
DaRascal wrote:How do you deal with LSAT frustration?

When I'm drilling, ESPECIALLY with LR, and I get a question wrong and the wrong answer was one I eliminated but I had a gut feeling would be the right answer, I yell out "That's bullsh**! F*** you! F***you! F*** you!" and while doing that I violently stab my pen through the book several times.

And then I go make some tea and watch TV.

How do you guys deal with it?

Don't do this. Your attitude has a non-zero effect on your performance. You should really try to never get upset when you miss a question. I approach each question with three main things in mind.
1. Most logical reasoning arguments are flawed. I am looking for flaws the second I start reading.
2. There are four wrong answers and one correct answer. An answer is never wrong because it's just not as "good" as another.
3. This might sound counterintuitive to 1. and 2., but I also never question whether the LSAT is right. The LSAT is perfect. They don't make mistakes. If you picked a wrong answer it is not because you are a special snowflake. You picked the wrong answer because you got tricked either with the scope of the answer choice, an unwarranted assumption or inference (on your part) or something else.

These things really helped my attitude and it really helped me to improve and not feel defeated since I actively look for the right answer choice in my review even when I'm wrong.


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