Sporadic crash-and-burn on LG - help!

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Sporadic crash-and-burn on LG - help!

Postby rocktower3 » Thu May 31, 2012 9:37 pm

Help, guys!

Backstory: I took the October test last year. I was pretty happy with my PT scores (averaging around 172-174, with a couple in the high 170s) but couldn't sleep the night before and fell apart on the real thing. Ended up with a 167.

So I'm signed up to take the June test, but I'm suffering from a serious lack of consistency in the LG. It's the section I've always struggled with the most. Some practice tests I'll be really solid (which for me is miss 2 or 3) have great other sections, and end up with a score I'm happy with. In two of my recent tests, however, I've COMPLETELY fallen apart in the LGs. I just get sort of...confused, take forever on the first game, and then even if I work fairly steadily through the others, my score is in big trouble. It's a very weird feeling: I don't panic per se, but find myself just staring at the darn thing like it's written in another language. I take ages to work through hypos because I just can't see how the rules relate to one another, or even mix up a rule somehow. Both times, this has happened in the first game (which have both times been what others would consider 'easy' games).

At this point, I'm wondering if I can pull this together in time to take the June in less than two weeks. I feel like I could kill it if I have a good day, but I'm worried that this could happen on test day. Since I already have a so-so score on my record, this one needs to count. I really wanted to take the June in order to submit my apps in early fall, but it's not worth it for a not-so-good score.

Twofold question: does it make any sense to still aim for the June test? If so, any advice on how to get my brain in gear to not fall to pieces on the games, given the short time-frame? Thanks :/


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Re: Sporadic crash-and-burn on LG - help!

Postby SanDiegoJake » Thu May 31, 2012 10:46 pm

My two cents is that you don't have a Games problem. It seems more like a performance anxiety problem. A couple of suggestions for you. 1) Warm up before the test. Do 2 or 3 old games just before you enter the test center. 2) Spend 90 seconds at the beginning of the section skimming all the games setups. Even if the first one freaks you out, at least one of the others will have to seem easier.

Also, as far as sleeping the night before, I've found that heavy exercise usually does the trick. You will definitely sleep if you push your body to its limits.

As far as mixing up a rule, always double-check by working backwards. You likely symbolized it somehow. So go backwards. Translate your symbol into words and determine whether those words match the rule as stated.

Take the June and dominate it.

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