somewhat different situation(need advice)

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somewhat different situation(need advice)

Postby jbates14 » Wed May 16, 2012 8:10 pm

I scored a 157 on my first PT around a year ago to see where I would stand. I started studying in late january pretty consistently but I have been going hard for the past 2 or so months. I just started taking full PTs on the 8th, since before that I was just doing sections and drilling. The first 3 tests I took were super prep and scored a 165, 166, 167. I then took PT 50 and PT 51, scores were 161 and 163. I pretty much have LG down and only missed 1 on my past 2 due to a careless error. But, my RC and LR is what is holding me back from scoring much higher. I missed 11 on PT 50's RC and I missed 16 combined LR from PT 51. The problem is never both on a single test. It seems to only be two sections on each test that I do bad on and two sections that I do well on. I tried a warm up section today and it did not help since I missed 9 LR on the first section. I am not sure why I am fluctuating so much from test to test. In the 5 PTs, I've scored -0 on an LG section, -1 on an LR section, and -1 on a RC section so it seems like I have a potential high score in me, it's just inconsistency that is killing me. I've noticed that some assumption questions give me trouble, as well as flaws, and parallel reasoning. Besides the 11 missed RC, the most I've missed has been 5. I feel like I am finally getting RC down, but just have to work on the consistency. Also, for LR I rarely miss a question before #12 and it seems like I just go on bad streak after my first missed question. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have already done drilling and have been around the site long enough to know all the basics like 10 in 10 and 15 in 15. But, I am just having trouble moving up from this point.

Also, I have roughly a 3.5 gpa and would love to get into NYU or any other T14 behind that, I figured I need a 173 to have a chance. If not, I am interested in Fordham in which I would need a 167 to have a good chance. I signed up for the June exam, and with around 3 weeks and a couple days left, should I be worried about moving it back to October? Or, just keep studying and make my decision on the 10th?

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Re: somewhat different situation(need advice)

Postby dingbat » Wed May 16, 2012 10:55 pm

I'd say take the June test, then take the October test and try to improve.
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Re: somewhat different situation(need advice)

Postby 2014 » Thu May 17, 2012 12:30 am

No reason to cancel before the deadline. I agree with the above though that you should take the June test and if you are dissatisfied take it in October. You aren't going to be penalized for using your 3 attempts.

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Re: somewhat different situation(need advice)

Postby bp shinners » Thu May 17, 2012 1:52 pm

2014 wrote:No reason to cancel before the deadline.

Wait to see how you feel/how you're PTing in the days before the June LSAT. Don't take it if you don't think you've ironed out the details.

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