critique first month of study plan ranging 6 months.

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critique first month of study plan ranging 6 months.

Postby cord » Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:13 pm

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Re: critique first month of study plan ranging 6 months.

Postby Micdiddy » Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:44 pm

First thing: If you are serious this time about taking the LSAT, sign up now. Nothing will make you more committed than having money already tied up in it and a date firmly set.

Now then, your first month scheduling seems fine, mostly because it clearly involves many hours committed to studying. I don't think anyone can say for certain whether studying LR before RC or something like that means anything. Spending the hours studying all three sections, in any order, is fine, as long as you get through the material.

I would incorporate more PT's into your study plan, maybe one a weekend with your work schedule, because ideally you want to get through every available PT there is (65) and working FT up until the test you really just want to start now. Don't discouraged with bad scores at first, go over and review every single wrong answer and you will learn a lot from this as well.

Lastly, I believe every schedule should be flexible. Clearly while taking PT's you may realize you miss 8 LR Q's a section, and one RC. This would mean spending more time on LR, or whichever section you are clearly lacking in. But what's less obvious is unwillingness to be flexible often leads to quitting altogether. Ever try flossing everyday after a dentist appointment? What often happens is people are diligent for a few weeks, but then miss one day due to exhaustion/forgetting/vacation, and then decide it's not worth it and stop altogether. A more successful approach is to know ahead of time that you may not act 100% like the "ideal you" would act, and do not let it deter you from simply getting back on track the next day. I've been studying for over a month and have had 3 or 4 days where I basically said "f*&$ it" and didn't study a lick, but sure enough went back to the books at 100% pace right after that (I also flossed for two weeks straight after my last appointment, but now I only average twice a week, which is better than none!).

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