pt 44 LG section 3 # 22 why not friday?

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pt 44 LG section 3 # 22 why not friday?

Postby Br3v » Sat Mar 24, 2012 5:09 pm

Only restriction on Friday is that it must be cheaper than wednesday. Question asks for when can the cheapest day be?

Problem is none of the answer choices include Friday. There is a correct answer if you ignore Friday, however I have a possible answer written out that includes Friday and have gone over it several times comparing it to each restriction.

Can someone check this for me?


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Re: pt 44 LG section 3 # 22 why not friday?

Postby cgw » Sat Mar 24, 2012 11:12 pm

I just did this PT a couple days ago. Friday could clearly be one of the $10 lots, you're correct. However, the question is NOT asking you for ALL the days that could be a $10 lot. It is simply asking you for an acceptable list (re: "COULD BE" in the question). A potential scenario includes Z as the $10 lot occupying days Monday and Tuesday, Y as the $15 lot occupying Wed and Thurs, and X as the $12 lot on Friday. Hence, in this scenario, Monday and Tuesday could be a complete and accurate list of the days on which she parks in the $10 lot.

I thought this was a pretty straight forward question. D and E are immediately eliminated as Wed and Thurs can never be $10 lots and there's no way, given the absence of Friday as an option, for only one of Monday or Tuesday to be a $10 lot. This question is similar to question #18; it is asking for an acceptable list. While A is the correct answer to 18, there are certainly other possible scenarios, just as there are other scenarios to #22.

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