Taking LSAT early

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Taking LSAT early

Postby john25 » Thu Mar 22, 2012 9:28 pm

When is a good time to take the LSAT? I am considering taking it a year or two early before I actually apply to law school. This is so I can get it out of the way.
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Re: Taking LSAT early

Postby Geetar Man » Thu Mar 22, 2012 9:31 pm

I don't recommend taking February unless you absolutely have to. The general consensus is take in June and retake in October.

Good luck!

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Re: Taking LSAT early

Postby Mr. Pancakes » Thu Mar 22, 2012 9:35 pm

john25 wrote:I am thinking of applying to law school next next year, in 2013-2014 season for admissions fall 2014. Is it a good idea to take the LSAT early, like in December 2012, or February 2013? This way I can retake in June/October of 2013 if needed. I have been out of school for a few years working.

take the test as soon as possible, but don't take it until you are adequately prepared. You don't want to take it any later than the October of the year before you plan on attending.
So If I was you if I were you I would start studying now for this coming October's test, and then try to up your score in the December, Feb, or June test.
It is very important to have you applications in as early as possible. You should plan on having your applications completely ready to be sent in around October the year before you plan on attending.

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Re: Taking LSAT early

Postby Jeffort » Thu Mar 22, 2012 9:57 pm

Take the LSAT when you are adequately prepared to score as high as possible in a score range that is high within the range of scores of accepted students to your goal schools and when you are able to hit that score range on timed practice tests consistently, no sooner.

Also, take it (for the first and hopefully only time you need to) no later than the June or October test of the year before the one you would start law school and become a 1L, 2013 according to your plan.

You've got plenty of time based on your stated time-line goal of when you want to start LS. However, you should not plan on prepping for one to two years. If you prepare properly you should be able to achieve the highest score you are capable of in six months or less. If you have a good amount of available time to dedicate to prep, you should be able to achieve your peak score with about three months of preparation and practice.

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Re: Taking LSAT early

Postby Clearly » Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:28 am

I wouldn't overdo it. It'd be nice to get the LSAT over with and have time to work on your PS etc, but too much time for the lsat has a bad-side. If you spread it out too far, I'd imagine you wouldn't progress as consistently or solidly as dedicating yourself to it for a shorter period of time. If you dedicate yourself to it as if you plan to take it next month, but try to keep that pace for a year, you'll run out of LSATs well before your time. Basically if you have the forethought to take it on your terms. Study your fucking ass off, take it as soon as you feel you're ready: I feel it IS possible to get worse at the LSAT, and for the love of God don't take Feb.

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