Free Proctored LSAT & Review in Washington DC: Saturday 3/24

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Free Proctored LSAT & Review in Washington DC: Saturday 3/24

Postby ksinghal » Thu Mar 22, 2012 6:43 pm

I run a small one-on-one LSAT tutoring company in Washington DC and periodically host practice exams up at my office. I'm trying something new and inviting folks to take a practice exam and sit in on a free review session afterwards. No sales pitch, no strings attached. I have capacity for 12, and only a handful of my current students are coming this weekend, so I made an event on EventBrite and posted it to Craigslist, and thought I would share here. If this post is barred as "spam" or something, then please delete it (and please PM me so I know better).

We'll be doing PrepTest 62 (December 2010) this weekend. Also, this will only be a 4-section test (no experimental, no writing), but that will allow me time to work through all 4 logic games and explain any LR questions that people would like to review. Test booklets, water, hot tea, snacks, and good vibes are all provided.

Signup and additional information here:

Please feel free to contact me at dcMetroLSATprep [at] gmail [dot] com with any questions, that email address goes to my personal gmail inbox.


Edited to add:

I just read a few posts in Dave Hall's thread. I've gotten a lot of useful information from this website over the years (especially in the aftermath of each test), but have not spent an inordinate amount of time here. I wanted to reiterate that I'm not posting this to make money. I make plenty of money. Each time I host a proctored exam, and especially this Saturday, there are open seats, so my aim is to make a few seats available and hopefully provide some useful guidance to those who might not have the financial means to pay for it.

To add some personal information, I have tutored the LSAT since 2009. I scored 176 on an actual LSAT. My students have scored as high as 179. I am currently an evening law student at GW Law in Washington DC. If you're curious about why I chose GW's evening program, please feel free to PM me. I don't plan on living in LSAT land forever, so while I'm still thick in it, I'm planning to get a blog going with all of my tips, strategies, and logic games diagrams freely available.

As I said, I've reaped a fair bit of information from this site over the years, so if you have any questions that I might be able to answer, please feel free to email me and I'll do my best. Thank you.

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