Probably calling it quits

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Re: Probably calling it quits

Postby 6lehderjets » Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:08 pm

twentypercentmore wrote:Unless you are dyslexic (in which case you should probably petition for more time), you've only been speaking English for <5 years, or you have an abysmal GPA which would make t-14 abnormally difficult (read, 2.5), I see absolutely no reason you can't study casually until June.

(1) You're not going anywhere this late in the cycle regardless. So you're not postponing life to take in June.
(2) Since you've taken the LSAT once, if you at all feel like you stress-choked during the actual LSAT, those feelings will very likely decrease drastically in June. Which means, in all honesty, you'll probably be closer to 164 if you had to take it again right now.
(3) You have three months to work on your weaker areas. If nothing else, screw around with LG over the next few months over your lunch breaks until you get really good at them, and retake. Even if you only pick up 4-5 questions on the actual, hey, that could be enough to bump you up to a 166~

Be ever-wary of friends that tell you how terrible law school is. I put this kind of talk on par with my military friends that whined about how bad boot camp was. Yeah, there are definitely parts of military life that suck, there are parts later on that will no doubt rock. Figure out what's important to you on the net-benefit level.


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