How do some of you have the will power to retake?

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Re: How do some of you have the will power to retake?

Postby lsatcrazy » Tue Feb 14, 2012 2:19 am

It's rough going, for sure, but try to mentally picture acceptance letters from schools that you would have been unlikely to get into with your first score but could with your (hopeful) second.


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Re: How do some of you have the will power to retake?

Postby notaznguy » Tue Feb 14, 2012 3:46 am

mattviphky wrote:
notaznguy wrote:Uh, I think my dilemma is more like:

1) After months of studying, the highest I ever hit was a 164 (and it was in the PT 40s...). The highest I ever hit on a modern PT was 161.

2) Not sure if I can even improve anymore.

3) My dilemmas isn't: A) Retake or suffer from paying sticker to attend a TTT or a crummy T1. My dilemmas is B) Retake or take the GRE, CBEST, CSET instead and move on with my life to becoming a high school or middle school social sciences teacher.

Wherever you see yourself happy...and if they're jobs. In Illinois, the only available teaching jobs are special ed, foreign language, or Chicago Public Schools.

Looks like the prospects don't deviate much from lawyers :lol:


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Re: How do some of you have the will power to retake?

Postby piscola » Wed Feb 15, 2012 12:47 pm

I was struggling to get past 165 on my practice tests back in december 2010. I took the test, messed up the logic games (which were necessary for those 165s) and ended up with a 162. I decided to abandon that cycle, take a few months off, and try for the october 2011 test. LR and RC started clicking more for some reason. Was PTing 167-175 (typically 171) before the test, ended up with a 168. A great score- I've already gotten into Cornell, UT, and UCLA with 60k this cycle.

But I was disappointed still, because I knew I could do better than that, and that I could become even more familiar with the test. I thought "should I retake in december"- and maybe I should have- but like you I couldn't bring myself to go through it again. It wasn't until Christmas and realizing just how much I was going to limit my future job prospects and scholarship money that I finally decided I'd throw in for February. Before the test I was PTing 169-177 (typically 173) and felt very confident about how I did last saturday. We will see what happens obviously, but I don't regret my decision at all.

As someone's girlfriend on here stated, I would rather lean on this test than on my law school exams for future success. Law School is HARD, especially when you are at good law schools with lots of intelligent, competitive people. And 180k ain't no joke. I'm hoping to reapply in a year or two and pull off a half-scholarship at a T-14. Breaking in feels nice, but all that debt definitely doesn't.

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