Diagramming "either or" rule for LG?

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Diagramming "either or" rule for LG?

Postby notaznguy » Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:44 am

Okay, I wasn't so sure how to diagram "either or" in games. See in LR, "either or" could mean both, unless it says "but not both." In games, does this rule apply?

For instance, in one of the games for PT 61, a rule says something like this:

"Jimmy cannot go either 1 or 4"

Does that mean that slots 1 and 4 are off limits to Jimmy? Because it wouldn't make sense to say, "Jimmy can go to 1 as long as he's not in 4." Or would it?

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Re: Diagramming "either or" rule for LG?

Postby suspicious android » Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:40 am

This is what studying for the LSAT does to normal human minds..

Anyway, yeah, you're right, that phrase means he can't go 1st, nor can he go 4th.

You would probably not bother symbolizing this rule, but it would be ~(1 or 4).

As you noted "or" is inclusive unless specified otherwise. But here it's essentially saying "neither 1 nor 4".

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