Dec 2011 Test Answers

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Dec 2011 Test Answers

Postby law_girl1 » Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:07 pm

This maybe a really stupid question so bear with me. I redid the test sections from DEC 2011 and went back to check and compare my answers on the IRR but don't find any of them to be corresponding with those on response sheet. Are the sections (with question order) on LSAC given the exact same way we wrote them? If that's true, there is something obviously very wrong with mine, as I am confident of my answers but they're wrong on the IRR. I'm sure I'm looking at the right sections.

EDIT: okay so both Oct and Dec on LSAC have the same booklets for me, and oddly the answer sheet for October is the one that corresponds with the test not december?? So just checking was the question about getting a second opinion from physicians definitely a part of the december test (not october)?

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Re: Dec 2011 Test Answers

Postby Jeffort » Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:30 pm

Did you take a non-disclosed administration of either of the two?

If you took a Saturday Sabbath observer administration or took the test at a location outside of North America the test-form you were administered is non-disclosed. When you take a non-disclosed test you do not receive a copy of the test or any of the disclosure documents other than one with your scaled score and I believe also the percentile rank of your score.

That might be your issue.

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