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Re: 128 to 155

Postby Konner » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:35 pm

romothesavior wrote:I wasn't responding to OP. I responding to you. Your post was downright retarded. I find advice like this:

If you want to attend a law school with questionable placement numbers, then do it but make sure you go to the law school you actually want to attend. If nothing else, make the three years worth your time.

to be extremely dangerous and unhelpful.

Also, you lambasted me for going outside the scope of OP's question, so maybe your hypocritical self should look in the mirror. You answered a whole bunch of questions he didn't ask, and you did so with ridiculous advice. So get off my back and stop propagating stupid information, and I won't say a word to you.

We agree on the risk, but disagree whether or not the risk should preclude attendance. I understand that you disagree with my position, which is one of informed self-determination, but I take issue with the antagonism. I regret that you do not see a distinction between people going beyond the scope in unhelpful ways and my attempt to address those while also going outside of the scope. Though it is what it is, I suppose, it is not my nature to concede to the demands of those I deem unreasonable or antagonistic, but to transcend those people -- the act of which predates our very dialogue. Good luck at WUSTL. I enjoyed my time there. I hope you will as well.

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