LSAT: Are Three Great Scores Better than One?

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Re: LSAT: Are Three Great Scores Better than One?

Postby chem » Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:33 pm

DyingDeclaration wrote:Could a demonstration of LSAT mastery factor into the admissions process alongside other variables like work experience? Or does Admissions not factor that sort of thing in out of fairness?

Example: Applicant #1
uGPA: 3.5
LSAT: 174
Coming directly from undergrad, no work experience

Applicant #2
uGPA: 2.7
LSAT: 180
LSAT2: 179
LSAT3: 180
2 years out of undergrad, law office experience

Experimental set up fail

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Re: LSAT: Are Three Great Scores Better than One?

Postby Renzo » Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:35 pm

DyingDeclaration wrote:
snailio wrote:No? I mean how could it be a soft? A person who gets a 180 doesnt get it by pure luck, the ad comms know it takes a certain amount of skill to get that score

Given that the LSAT is valued for predicting success.

By who? LSAT score is a shit predictor of law school grades, and a shit predictor of bar passage. Granted, it's one of the better predictors anyone has yet come up with, but it's still shit.

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