LR = kiss myself!... LG = kill myself!...

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LR = kiss myself!... LG = kill myself!...

Postby flat-fifth » Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:55 pm

I think I have identified my problem. When setting up games, I am pretty good at identifying rules. However, when the games become more complex or undefined, I find myself overlooking small details even if I have noted the rules. This is super frustrating since my LR is near perfect so far. Is this something that repetition can solve? I am considering sitting for the Feb. administration, but I need a strategy to overcome this roadblock. Reading LGB for a third time...


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Re: LR = kiss myself!... LG = kill myself!...

Postby ExcelBaller » Fri Dec 23, 2011 7:42 pm

Not to sound all philosophical but slowing down when diagramming will improve your overall speed. Tips:
- Read the rules completely, twice if you have to
- When diagramming rules use that voice in your head and repeat each word of the rule as you diagram
- don't link rules until you have diagrammed each individual rule
- don't over think: meaning, if there just aren't many inferences don't sweat it, the game will often reflect this by asking mostly local questions like "if X is 5th then what must be true"
- as Dave Hall says the rules are your friends refer back if necessary

Basically just slowing down your thought process will allow you to work more efficiently and thus increase speed. Rushing is not the same thing as being efficient and many times you will overlook rules or small details.

Drilling new games and old games will help you internalize the rules and before you know you will be a pro. Moral of the story slow down, be thorough, practice old games and you will increase your speed and recognize patterns effortlessly

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