Powerscore Classroom versus Blueprint Classroom

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Powerscore Classroom versus Blueprint Classroom

Postby oliver828 » Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:10 pm

I'm taking the Feburary LSAT and can't decide which course to take. I've read a lot of positive reviews about Blueprint. Although there are many positive reviews for the Powerscore bibles, I'm having difficulty finding people's in-class experiences with Powerscore. If I end up taking Blueprint, I'm concerned that the Powerscore strategies that I have learned thus far will conflict with the Blueprint strategies. On the other hand, a fresh approach could be beneficial for questions that I still can't seem to get right. In terms of classroom hours, Blueprint has the edge (100, as opposed to 64).

I'm currently testing in the mid-160's and I would like to get into the 170's. I have already done self-study with the Powerscore bibles. I am not looking for a debate on self-study versus a class.

I'm in the Orange County, California area. I would also consider Velocity, but they don't have a classroom course for the February exam.

If anybody can comment on their own personal Powerscore or Blueprint classroom experience, that would be great. I'm not looking to take any online courses.

bp shinners
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Re: Powerscore Classroom versus Blueprint Classroom

Postby bp shinners » Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:28 pm

Hey oliver,

I'm going to let others tell you about their experiences in the classroom (though if you have any questions, feel free to PM me).

I wanted to talk about taking the PS methods that you've already learned into the course. There will be a bit of a difference between them, especially as far as Logic Games are concerned. It's akin to being a native Portuguese speaker and conversing with a Spaniard. That being said, I obviously think that our methods are superior, so hopefully you'd adjust to them rather easily. I know I've had a number of students who self-studied with the PS Bibles before taking the class, and they adapted rather quickly. Also, being able to see the different methods was useful for some who ended up scoring rather well; to understand the derivations of the different methods, you have to have a solid handle on the underlying logic. So, in short, I wouldn't worry about being confused by our methods.

Also, the best way to get a feel for the classroom setting is to sit in on a class. If you're interested, let me know; our Irvine class is going to start on Dec. 10, so I can arrange a sit-in. I believe Jay Donnel is teaching that class - he's one of our most experienced instructors.

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Re: Powerscore Classroom versus Blueprint Classroom

Postby suspicious android » Tue Dec 06, 2011 2:53 am

About 90% of people who take a live course never post on TLS. About 90% of people who take a course don't take a second course, and when they do, 90% of them take a course from the same company because of the discount offered. So it's going to be hard to find anyone who has anything to say except "I went with company X, and I had a great experience, so it's much better than company Y".

Now, granted, I just made up all those numbers, but I think they're probably in the ballpark of being accurate. Just find out whatever you can about the instructor for your course and how many students will be enrolled. This latter idea is rarely mentioned, but LSAT classes range from 4 students up to 100. I think a 100 person course could be really good if taught by a very experienced teacher, but it's not an ideal experience for everyone.

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Re: Powerscore Classroom versus Blueprint Classroom

Postby oliver828 » Tue Dec 06, 2011 1:58 pm

I realize the likelihood of somebody having taken both of these classes is close to none. I was hoping to get some comments from people who have taken the Powerscore classroom course, as I have been unable to find many reviews.

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Re: Powerscore Classroom versus Blueprint Classroom

Postby zatlas » Wed Dec 07, 2011 2:39 pm

I took a powerscore classroom course and it was great. From my first diagnostic test, I went up about 20 points. I know that people vary, but I would highly suggest taking powerscore.

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Re: Powerscore Classroom versus Blueprint Classroom

Postby Goonar » Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:29 pm

I took Blueprint with Jay Donnell in Irvine, CA. Thought it was a great and helpful class, and definitely enjoyed the classroom atmosphere.

After taking Oct, however, I self studied with the Powerscore LR bible, and my score dramatically increased for Dec. I wouldn't say either had the best approach, just one worked better for me.

For LG and RC, I used only Blueprint methods. It was only LR where Powerscore's method helped.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

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