153-->155--?? (should I even bother)

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153-->155--?? (should I even bother)

Postby motivation » Thu Dec 01, 2011 4:42 am

Sadly enough, these are the two lsat scores I have on record. For each attempt, I put in roughly 2 months prep, and I brought my games from a -12 to a -5 the second time around, but completely bombed Oct 2011 RC. On my first take I managed a -6 on RC, but that was an outlier as I usually score in the -9 area, which is terrible I know. At this point, should I even bother trying to improve my score on a third try? (and potentially a fourth try if it came down to it as my first score will have been on record over two years by October)

Im positive I want to attend law school, but this test stands in my way. I have already applied to schools and hope to get into Chicago-Kent with a 155/3.5 via early decision, but I'm not holding my breath.

Sage advice is welcome.

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Re: 153-->155--?? (should I even bother)

Postby 3v3ryth1ng » Thu Dec 01, 2011 4:59 am

My first LSAT was 151. Last October, I had a 161, which I was not happy with. You know why? Because when I was practicing, I was pulling 175's. I just got a 174 tonight (my last one before Saturday), and I'm feeling ready to b-slap this text into next week.

So, no, don't give up on account of a stupid number.

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Re: 153-->155--?? (should I even bother)

Postby mattviphky » Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:35 pm

155->158->164 here. Study hard for June man, study hard. Peruse this lsat prep forum and find some good stuff on studying. How did you study before? I'm glad to see your score is at least heading in the right direction. RC is a bitch, but you can get your LG down to -0 to -3 range with moderate effort. LR is difficult, but keep at it and things will click. I remember when i was studying for the October 2011 (my 164) and things just clicked for me. I had barely studied for my first lsat, and then studied for 3 months for the second, and three more months for the third. So you have put a good amount of time in, just keep studying and things will come together. Now for study tips:
I followed this when i started

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Re: 153-->155--?? (should I even bother)

Postby Nightsideclipse » Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:42 pm

139 -> 151 -> 154 (KAPLAN course, multiple practice tests, and study).

LSAT and I never saw eye to eye. In fact, we hate each other to this day. Brain just did not process LSAT correctly.

Don't let it discourage you though. 155-160ish might not get you into Top 14, but those scores can get you into a pretty good regional school in 30-60ish. Great if you have connections or want to practice in non-biglaw.

...LSAT scores mean shit btw. For instance, both myself and best law school buddy scored around 155 and now rank in at top 5%, have law review, and solid job experience.

I'd give it one more shot if you think you can do better, but if you've given it your all and it still is not going well, do your best to find a school and region that you'd be happy at.

Best of luck.


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Re: 153-->155--?? (should I even bother)

Postby DubP5 » Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:50 pm

155- 164 here. No don't stop working at it...you've already put this much time in, and while it can be tedious, the work will pay off. Have you looked at following PithyPIke's study guide? Worked wonders for me.

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