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Postby 3v3ryth1ng » Thu Dec 01, 2011 4:05 am

Hey LSAT party people! Here's to wishing all of you "Decembrists" a successful Saturday. I hope it all goes your way.

Another thread brought up motivational songs. As it just so happens, writing motivational songs for test prep is my specialty! I posted this in the other thread, but now I'm posting it here to make sure you can hear it! I wrote this song for my students to get them motivated for the CAHSEE. Use the hook to motivate for Saturday LSAT, as the song applies to all tests:

WHOOP DAT TEST!!! ===> http://youtu.be/I3SRynDsd0o (click the link to watch the music video).

Now beat that test like it was late with your money!
Good luck Saturday :)

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