LR seems to be regressing..?

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LR seems to be regressing..?

Postby Impending1L » Thu Nov 10, 2011 3:44 pm

When I started my studying I was in the low 150s with pretty much -8/-9s across the board. I've gotten to the point where my LG are pretty close to perfect when I PT and for a while my LR came down to anywhere from -5 to -7 and it looked like I'd have no problem getting it down even lower. I've targeted LR almost exclusively this week and if anything it seems like each timed section is migrating back up to -10. I'm not looking for a perfect score, but I feel like I could be close to 170 if I can get the LR down to -3ish per section. Is/has anyone else run into this problem? If so, how have you overcome it? I've looked at all the LR help threads on this site and nothing is working.


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Re: LR seems to be regressing..?

Postby willwash » Sun Nov 13, 2011 12:08 am

Do some games. Each section helps the others. You seem to be focusing so hard on LR that you are overthinking the answer choices. I've had it happen to me, ESPECIALLY on the easier questions, the obvious CR will be staring me in the face, and the longer I stare at the question, the more likely I am to convince myself that it's one of the tricky questions, I'm missing something, and end up picking a wrong answer.

Just for shits 'n' giggles, try a LR section, and just go instantly with the first answer choice that seems right. Don't even read the rest of the answer choices. Just go, and try to finish the section in 30 instead of 35. This will force you to quickly isolate the CR (especially in the easier questions) and move on. What I predict you will find is that you'll get about -4, you'll get all the easy questions right, and miss the hard ones with 5 extra minutes to spare. The key will be identifying the hard questions so as best, in the real test, to give yourself that extra minute or so per hard question. once you've gone through and answered the easy ones.

I could be completely off base here, but this is my hunch.

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