Velocity LSAT Practice Test package

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Velocity LSAT Practice Test package

Postby Sheendream » Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:15 pm

Hey guys, I scored a 155 on the October LSAT studying from June-October with the LR/LG bibles, manhattan RC, and every published LR question and LG game. I was pt'ing between 158-163 going into that. I am terrible at reviewing my LR mistakes, I know that I'm weak with flaw and strengthen/weaken questions, but all I do is resort back to the LR bible, read it, and then start doing questions again without picking up the patterns of why what I'm doing is wrong. Has anybody used Dave Hall's Practice test package from Velocity LSAT? It comes with PT 52-61 and an explanation of every question on all those tests. I already have those tests, so it would only cost me $200. I am looking to hit the upper 150's, low 160's in December. Obviously I will have the mindset of striving for 180, but a 158+ will get me into my schools of choice in Ontario, Canada. (Ontario is more GPA-centered and hollistic than most US schools, before you guys jump down my throat about not attending any school where a 158 is acceptable.)

Also, thanks for the help this past summer...I haven't posted much on TLS, but I do pay attention to LSAT tips from all of you guys. My diagnostic in June was a 139, so I'm pretty happy with my 16 point jump and I attribute a lot of it to techniques I've learned on TLS. Also, I was thinking about going to US schools that would accept me with a 3.7, 155 before I read everything you guys had to say about these schools, so in short, thanks for saving me 140 k in debt and the shame of having a degree from florida coastal haha.


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Re: Velocity LSAT Practice Test package

Postby American_in_China » Fri Nov 04, 2011 5:12 am

Go for the whole she-bang. I love Dave, and I love how velocity works. His stuff is what maid my second score possible.

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