164 on Oct LSAT, hit my average, likely to jump in Dec?

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164 on Oct LSAT, hit my average, likely to jump in Dec?

Postby omega918 » Sat Oct 29, 2011 4:37 pm

Sorry for another retake thread, but I had resigned myself to apply with my 164, and am now wondering about a retake in December. I Took Testmaster's course and after the 3 months of studying and working full time went from 151 diagnostic to 164 on Oct LSAT, which was my average for my last 8 or so PTs.

Breakdown as follows:
LR1: -2
Games: -5 (got bogged down by 3rd game and flew through last, getting most wrong)
LR2: -7
RC: -7

Raw of 80, which was pretty normal. LR would usually average -4 with -2 on a good run (started with averaging -12), Games anywhere from -2 to -5, and RC average -6. I did all the recent PTs, from mid 40s on. RC was the least of my focus, and it shows in my scores. My last few weeks of study were doing 3 PTs a week with review, and some drilling on off days.

I work full time, and will be staying in Los Angeles for school and work (wife and her business are here). With 3.65 GPA this puts me at Loyola and Pepperdine as my only real hope. Was dreaming about UCLA or USC.

How likely is it that, while working 40 hours a week, I can make any real gains in the next month and get a few more points in December. Not interested in waiting another cycle, as I am already older and can't really put it off another year. How much would a 166/167 help, or what if I get another 163-165 score?

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Re: 164 on Oct LSAT, hit my average, likely to jump in Dec?

Postby Tiago Splitter » Sat Oct 29, 2011 6:03 pm

Scoring lower won't hurt, scoring higher will help, and you have a ton of room for improvement. Best of luck on the retake!

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