Insight as to how schools give out merit-based fee waivers?

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Insight as to how schools give out merit-based fee waivers?

Postby upandup » Thu Oct 27, 2011 6:23 pm

I really only ask this because I'm waiting on my score (should get it next week) due to an account hold, and today I got fee waivers from both Duke and UCLA (apparently schools can see my score but I can't, don't really see how that's fair). Through this I'm trying to get any sense of how I did, especially since I usually have a pretty good feel for how I do after a test. I walked out of the October test feeling that two sections went very well, two others not well, but was very encouraged by the generous curve; this has me now thinking that I may have actually hit my target range (high 160s). I guess my main question is that with these schools' medians right around 170, could that be indicative at all of what my score would be? Do schools send out fee waivers with any rhyme or reason based just on LSAT scores? I fear also that it may simply be my GPA (3.91) compensating for a lesser score, more mid-160s, but again, I really have no idea. I'm well aware that this is probably just me being overly neurotic about this whole situation and all I can really do is wait, but thought it could be interesting what kind of opinions you guys might have.

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Re: Insight as to how schools give out merit-based fee waivers?

Postby happyshapy » Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:30 pm

This is how I think this works:

Schools give out fee waivers for people generally above their numbers to attract them, and also to people generally below their numbers to increase selectivity numbers on USWNR rankings. They obviously don't give out waivers to everyone in their range or they wouldn't make any money off the application fees. They probably assume that people within range would apply anyway. So I say a small amount of ppl within range, a little bit higher than this to people above range and also below range.

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