Should I retake?

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Should I retake?

Postby sewei08 » Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:34 pm

I've prepped all summer for three months and ended up with a 162 on the Oct 2011 LSAT. I'm applying to Law School now. I really wanted a 163 and my Preptest scores ranged from 160-165. I'll be happy with a 163 or 164. So would it be worth it to retake it in December?
Also my problem section is with RC: I got 11 wrong. I really didn't study for RC so it may be possible to increase the score although it is said to be the hardest to improve on.

Edit: The dilemma I have is that I'm in school right now. It's a busy quarter because I'm interning as well. In addition the LSAT is during finals week.

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