Prep test 28 section 1 Question # 8

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Prep test 28 section 1 Question # 8

Postby 170hopeful » Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:05 am

I'm having a difficult time understanding this question in particular, and it's making me bang my head against the wall. Could someone please walk me through this question and tell me why answer choice B is wrong? I crossed out the correct answer choice because I felt that it did not resolve the discrepancy. Any help is appreciated!


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Re: Prep test 28 section 1 Question # 8

Postby benito » Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:43 pm

im having a hard time figuring out how i missed 3 questions on that cake first game and crushed all the other ones people seemed to dislike including bikes, want to resolve that fucking discrepancy....

sorry about your question what its doing is saying most crops grow at a lower rate as time goes on and the reason this happens is because the soil loses nitrogen over time. But then it points to a specific crop, alfalfa, that should not have that problem because it actually increases the level of nitrogen in the soil, yet somehow it also suffers from with poorer growth over time, how can that be??

Answer choice B does not tell us how that can be, it only explains how alfalfa goes about increasing the nitrogen in the soil, something which is not at issue in this question. What we want to know is why even though it has all the nitrogen it needs it still has the growth over time problem.

Answer choice C swoops in and resolves the suspenseful mystery. It tells us that alfalfa produces other substances that accumulate in the soil and are toxic to itself. So as that toxin accumulates its going to make the crop's growth rate decrease over time.

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