When should I retake?

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When should I retake?

Postby rkem » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:20 pm

Hi everyone,

So like others I received a score that I am not happy with-- a 154. I had been PT-ing as high as 162, but not consistently so I debated postponing till Dec, but decided to just take the Oct. to see how things would go. I also have another low score on my record, a 153 from Oct 10, but I did not study properly for that one. This is why I am so disappointed. While I knew I was iffy on the idea of getting my highest PT score, I did not think I would get the lowest out of my range. I think I got this score four times out of 30 something PT.

So my question is this: I am in the position where I could devote all my time to LSATs for the next 5 weeks to studying intensely, 8 hours a day or what have you, for the LSAT and even get a tutor. I could get away with doing absolutely nothing else, but devoting my life to the LSAT. All I need to do is fine tune of PS, my LORs are sent and in, and transcript requests submitted... it is only the LSAT score that is holding me back from being prepared. Or, should I postpone my Dec test date to June? However, I have no idea what I would do with another year off school. I would say that I'd need a 163 (maybe higher now with those other two scores on my record) to feel good. Also, I'm applying to Canadian law schools, just in case you were wondering.

Any guidance would help!

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