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Postby Sheendream » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:08 pm

Hi everyone, I'm a bit upset, I just got back a 155 from October's exam. I was PT'ing low 160's, got a 163 on PT 62 the Thursday before the LSAT. I'm retaking in December. My concern is that I've done about every test from PT 40 and up. What can I do for six weeks? I was really certain I got a low 160 on this LSAT, I felt great afterwards. I got killed on the LR's going -7 and -12 and killed on RC, -12. Games were decent, -4. During PT's I was never worse than -6 on LR. Anybody that has had to retake and had already used up all the recent LSAT material, please help me out.

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