POLL: How did you perform on the Oct. LSAT?

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How did you perform on the Oct. LSAT?

I scored 5+ pts. below my PT average
I scored slightly (~2 pts.) below my PT average
I scored at or around my PT average
I scored slightly above my PT average
I scored 5+ pts. higher than my PT average
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Re: POLL: How did you perform on the Oct. LSAT?

Postby JamMasterJ » Wed Oct 26, 2011 12:43 pm

Sh@keNb@ke wrote:Scored 5+ above my average. Was PT'ing around 159-160 and ended up with a 165 on the real thing. FOCUS. Realize that you have been studying for all this time and use your techniques to dominate this thing. Score jumps ARE possible.

this is credited. I had a 5-7 point drop from my average in February (171-3 >> 166) and remembered my techniques in Oct and only lost a point from my average (177 >> 176).


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Re: POLL: How did you perform on the Oct. LSAT?

Postby hobojarpen » Wed Oct 26, 2011 1:23 pm

andrewww wrote:That was my second time taking it. With midterms coming up in December I seriously don't think re-taking at the end of the year is possible. I guess I'll wait for the February. Worst part is I spent $1200+ on a Kaplan course that really didn't help.

Don't be discouraged. I took it for the third time this month and broke 170. My first two scores (Dec '09 and Dec '10) were 160 and 155. Just take deep breath, figure out how to attack it and where you came up short, and stay disciplined. Good luck!

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