RC and LR help or suggestions

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RC and LR help or suggestions

Postby sjohnson4382 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 3:29 am

I took the LSAT twice back in 2007 and did not do near as well as I had hoped to do. I went back to work in law enforcement (after being accepted to several very low tier schools) instead of attending LS at that time because I was unable to get a high enough score to get into my schools of choice that would be of benefit to me. Since then I had decided that it was time to attempt to do much better and get my LSAT score up to the level I need to. I started studying again in May of this year and took the LSAT this past Saturday again. LG is my strong suit, however the games this time threw me for a loop due to seeing one that was very confusing so that is going to hurt me as I was missing 0 on all practice tests in these sections. My RC and LR are my weak points and it always seems to show come actual test time. During my PTs I have performed much better than before (even under timed conditions) and actually have felt very comfortable in both, however Saturday I let my severe test anxiety get to me and it was like I had never seen that type of stuff before. Do any of you have any suggestions on better ways to prepare myself so that I can actually use the stuff I learn to be able to translate that to the actual test? I have studied thoroughly the Powerscore LR bible and taken too many PTs to count. I recently got the Atlas reading comprehension guide and it made a big difference in my PTs, however for some reason I threw those tactics recommended in there out the window during this real test and struggled mightily on the RC section. For some reason my reading seems a little slow and when I started thinking about the time I just froze and forgot to read and evaluate as I should. Any tips for correcting this? I am in dire need of some assistance on trying to make those sections from my practice tests translate to the real test. I am planning on a retake in December as I am pretty certain this score will not be high enough.

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