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Postby ali3 » Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:12 am

Hey all,

I'll save the story and simply state that I probably did pretty bad on the Oct LSAT. I'm going to retake for December, and am wondering about investing in the Velocity system for my situation.

About me:
I went through the PS Bibles thoroughly (LG and LR moreso) and by the end of my prep was PT'ing in the upper 160's-lower 170's.

I used all the recent PT's, but will definitely do them again.

I never drilled LR question types-- I just learned the PS methods of "solving them." This is something I'll focus on this time around.

I just ordered Manhattan for LR and LG. Normally (excluding the Oct LSAT) my LG were quite good, but I am interested to see if Manhattan offers anything new. My LR need work (I generally get 3 wrong in each LR section).

So...knowing all of the Velocity system worth it for me? As a repeat taker, I can buy it for $450 or something like that-- but that is still way expensive for my meager recent-grad checkbook. I'd invest if it's worth it though.

FYI: I have a 3.58 and want to go to Northwestern. I just know I can score high enough on this test to have shot.

Okay...GO! Thanks in advance!

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