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Re: Oct 2011 games section

Postby CodyRuegger » Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:18 pm

anewaphorist wrote:The breakdown of my LSAT, southeastern US, with my projections:

LR1: easy, -0/-1
LG: ambassadors, books, probably -3/-4 total because I took way too long on the 3rd game (the one with Yuki and all the global CANNOT BE TRUE questions)
LR2: tough, had to guess on 2 questions, hopefully this was the experimental section
LR3: easy, -0/-1
RC: pretty standard, -3 or less and I'll be happy, I had Mexican-American proverbs and Dostoevsky

Anyone else have a similar section arrangement?

I think I had the same or a similar test form. Took it in southern California.

There were some real meatball stims/AC's on the latter 2 LR sections for me, but they weren't horrendous.

As far as games is concerned, I wouldn't be surprised if super-high difficulty games become more commonplace - we've recently had dinosaurs, stained glass, and now bikes. Maybe the LSAC has been looking at their experimental data and haven't been pleased that the high-scoring crowd takes little to none of its damage on games sections and they're trying to bring its difficulty level more in line with the other sections.

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