TestMasters Course Cancelled -- Please help!

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Re: TestMasters Course Cancelled -- Please help!

Postby Manhattan LSAT Noah » Fri Sep 30, 2011 11:35 am

jw316 wrote:I did the trial of the Manhattan online class and I honestly got a lot out of the trial in terms of how to attack certain assumption questions and how to do one type of diagram for logic games (LSAT virgin), but I'm still really torn about missing the human interaction.

I definitely think if I go the online route it needs to be a "live" course like this Manhattan one vs. a course where it's just watching pre-recorded lectures—the latter I really can't stomach.

1. Is Manhattan the only company that offers a "live" online course?
If so, then I'm either going to take this Manhattan online course for the December LSAT or wait for the in-person TestMasters course for the June LSAT.

2. Any pros/cons at this point to getting the LSAT done in Dec. before winter break vs. waiting till June and after I graduate undergrad?

Glad you found the session useful. There are other companies that have live online classes, so poke around, but when researching, keep an eye on the student-teacher ratio, as well as the level of interaction. Some companies don't send their students microphones, which says a lot about whether it'll be a class or a live lecture.

As for when to take the LSAT, there's no difference in terms of the difficulty of the test or ideal time (if you are not applying for a bit), so the most important thing to consider is when do you have the time to study. If it's now, go for it. If it's now or spring, go for now so that way if you end up needing a longer prep runway, you still have the Feb or June LSAT in your back-pocket, without bumping into the heart of your summer of post-college-whatever-that-doesn't-leave-room-for-LSAT-prep.

And, as someone mentioned above, you can also start by self-studying and then take a class if you think you need it. Though, I've seen a lot of people self-study themselves into some deeply-ingrained bad habits, so make sure you use some guides, and if you're not seeing improvement within a month, switch to something more directed.

Good luck!

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