Superprep C RC 3rd passage on Robin Kelley. rc help?

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Superprep C RC 3rd passage on Robin Kelley. rc help?

Postby ktsai4 » Sun Sep 25, 2011 12:36 am

It's a week before the test and although my LG and LR have solidified at a more or less respectable -0 and combined -4 to -7 respectively, my RC is going down the drain. I spent the entire day revamping RC in hopes that I can get it back to the -4 to -6 i had before i starting doing the more recent tests starting from pt 48 to pt 63.

I've heard that the RC section has gotten harder, but the drastic change from -5ish to -9ish is outrageous!

For superprep C specifically, is this passage particularly harder? i missed 4 of the 5 question and could NOT get myself to understand this passage to save my life! The other 3 passages were more manageable for me but missing 4 in this passage rocketed my score!

help? I've read the lsat blog and powerscore method and tried to implement them but it has possibly made my RC worse over the course of these 2-3 months.

I am open to suggestions and any opinion about this 3rd passage!

Thanks =]

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