Need advice regarding test date. Should I take the October?

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October or December?

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Need advice regarding test date. Should I take the October?

Postby Techsan23 » Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:14 am

I'm signed up for the October LSAT. I've only had the time to take around 5 PTs and I have gotten a 171 on one of them and 161's on the other 4. I feel like if I'm given the time I can work up to a consistent 170's. Should I just take a shot at the October LSAT and then retake in December? My GPA is a 4.0 and I'm aiming for a T-14 school. Are there any significant disadvantages of putting off until December or retaking with a not so stellar score? I feel like I'm leaving a lot on the table with my GPA if I end up getting anything below a 170.


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Re: Need advice regarding test date. Should I take the October?

Postby Caligoblue » Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:30 am

You should absolutely take it now. It won't count against you since schools only take your highest score into consideration. Additionally, it will serve as good experience in the testing environment. Also, if you somehow peak on test day and do extremely well, you may just be able to apply now and get it over with.

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Re: Need advice regarding test date. Should I take the October?

Postby Samara » Wed Sep 21, 2011 10:15 am

It sounds like the odds of scoring 170+ are not in your favor. If you aren't ready, I don't think you should take it. While most schools look at your highest score, I wouldn't say that it doesn't hurt you. (GULC, I think, evaluates you are your average LSAT and reports your highest.) If you score a 162 and then a 171 on the retake, you're going to have to write an addendum and they may look at it askance. With your GPA, the more points over 170 you score, the more money you're going to get offered at higher schools.

All that said, the risk probably is pretty small for taking it now, even less so if you want Boalt since their LSAT median is so low. FWIW, I have a friend with a similar GPA who retook something like a 166, got it a few points over 170, and scored big scholly money. However, there was a year in between the retakes, it wasn't an Oct/Dec retake.

TL;DR: In all likelihood, you will have to be evaluated in Dec/Jan anyway. A 172 looks better than a 162/172. The December test people are after the first batch of decisions, but basically like you're on time rather than early.

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