Struggling with LG test in 11 days

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Struggling with LG test in 11 days

Postby mmk33 » Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:37 pm

Does anyone have advice for effective LG prep for already high scorers? I am consistently 167-172 (with an outlier high score of 174), and have done this getting anywhere from -2 to -7 on LG. I had practiced games a lot this summer and once I found that under control I turned to LR and those are solid but LG is holding me back. I need to be -0 to -2 on test day. Anyone been in this situation?


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Re: Struggling with LG test in 11 days

Postby senorhosh » Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:45 pm

Did you go over any LG prep books yet?
And which ones?

I started LG with -3 to -7 like you
I went over Powerscore LG Bible but didn't see much improvement. I went over it again, along with another LG prep book.
I dedicated a couple days of just drilling LG sections after that, repeating some of the harder ones. Within 5 days I was able to get my score down to -0, and had no problems ever since.


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Re: Struggling with LG test in 11 days

Postby Obelisk18 » Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:26 pm

I have exactly the same problem. Between 167 and 172 right now and can't seem to get below -3 on LG. I feel like some kind of idiot savant. Took PT 57 the other day, and skipped the infamous "dinos" game at first, and came back to it with 5 mins left...and managed to finish it with a perfect score. Yet two of the other games in that section gave me serious trouble. I took like 9 mins on the first game and 11 on the 4th, neither of which seems to give the average person trouble, but I instantly understood the Dinos game. I dunno. I think I struggle with games which rely heavily on diagrams and serial inferences and excel in games which are decoded by recognizing one key inference. Which means...that I need to do more games? It's really frustrating.

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