Practical Prospects for Oct

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Practical Prospects for Oct

Postby lsatpanicxxx » Wed Sep 14, 2011 4:56 pm

I am taking a Testmasters course and I have been taking this course for the past 2 months or so now. On my first diagnostic, I scored a 139 which was extremely low and discouraging. However, since July I've been studying as much as possible to bring up my score. I know most people only improve 10-15pts. On my most recent PT, I scored a 157. The October Exam is less than 2 weeks away. I am curious to know what people here think about the prospects of scoring a 165+ on the test (my ultimate goal was 170).
I have a full course load, but I might take all of next week off. I have not been able to consistently study for the exam as I had hoped due to the heavy course load I have this year.

Also, should I consider retaking in Dec, to hit 170 if I am able to break 165?

More technical LSAT questions
-I have been consistently getting -2 on LG so I am not a worried about that as I am RC and LR. I feel as if no improvement has been made in either. And while my RC (-9) isn't as bad as my LR(-20), I can't seem to understand what concepts I am missing as to why I have stagnated here. RC is usually the easiest section (time is not a problem) but I always miss questions, regardless. Particularly in science passages. I know if I can at least capture 10 more questions in LR and 5 more RC, I will be right where I want to be.
Any suggestions?

Also, I find myself burning out after the first three sections. Any suggestions on how to stay focused?

Please anyone help!!

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Re: Practical Prospects for Oct

Postby mattviphky » Wed Sep 14, 2011 5:19 pm

Keep pting, the best way to fix burnout is to get your mind acclimated to the rigors of a 4 hour test. That being said, do not over do it. I myself pt every third day, and do extremely limited studying on the 2 days in between. however, this has only been my schedule for september, before this month i was studying everyday and only taking full pts about once every week or so. I know that's not terribly helpful as the test is only 2 weeks away. but i think the window has somewhat closed as far as different strategy studying goes, i think the best way to find improvement now is to pt every 3rd day with review and a few practice games on the off days. This is what works for me, some people can just drill different things right up until test day, I feel that the window has closed for me as far as new technique, and I want to do my practice tests to strengthen my strategies, familiarize myself with the material, and build up speed and endurance. Again, i'm just telling you what works for me. Keep in mind, if you are not satisfied with your score, you CAN RETAKE. I know that sounds shitty, trust me this is my 3rd lsat coming up in october. If you have a hefty course load don't be afraid to take in June either in order to apply next years cycle, you could enjoy the year off, make money, etc. I wouldn't say this if you were telling us that you feel like you are doing everything you can and you are not sure you can go any higher, but if you feel like you are capable of a 165+, then YOU ARE capable of a 165+, but don't worry about that shit now...just focus on October and you can make a decision after that. When I took last october i wanted a 160, i really didn't know what an lsat score could make or break you, for june i studied very hard and thought that i was only capable of a 168 at the most. this time, i honestly feel like a 172+ is doable, the more you study the better you become, and the more you surprise yourself. Don't sell yourself short. btw nice rise in scores!! 139 to 157 is very good, but keep studying, and study hard for october. I don't want to sound mean, but your lsat score is more important than one semester of grades, or in some cases, 8 semesters of grades

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Re: Practical Prospects for Oct

Postby paulshortys10 » Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:08 pm

1. You seem to have a good grasp of LG according to you, BUT -0 on LG is easily easily possible with enough practice

2. Have you given Powerscore, Manhattan, or Dave Hall's methods any thoughts when it comes to LR/RC?

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Re: Practical Prospects for Oct

Postby lsatpanicxxx » Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:15 pm

I am aware of the possibility of -0 on LG, however the questions I do get wrong on LG are stupid errors that can be corrected/reinforced much easier since I have a better grasp of them. With only 2 weeks left before the exam, I want to be able to tighten up my weakest parts on the exam. Which right now are LR and RC

Do you think it would be beneficial to purchase a Powerscore Bible this late in the game for LR/RC?

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Re: Practical Prospects for Oct

Postby richie222 » Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:32 pm

I wouldn't go in expecting to score a 165+ if you haven't reached even near that in your pt's. I don't think two weeks is enough to make that jump either. Not to be discouraging, but from your post,it is pretty clear you need more time. Whether you want to cancel and take in dec. Or take in oct and retake in dec is up to you. If I were you I would get Manhattan logical reasoning and rc and I think you'll see your score jump to what you want since your lg is so strong already. But I think you'll need more than two weeks

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Re: Practical Prospects for Oct

Postby SA1928 » Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:46 pm

I would definitely recommend the Manhattan LSAT LR book over the Powerscore bible. I found the Powerscore bible for LR to be easy to follow, but found their strategies somewhat difficult to put into practice. I recently switched to the Manhattan LR book and feel that I am understanding how to use their strategy easier than Powerscore, but I supposed that could also be due to having already read powerscore's LR bible, this is sort of like a second time. The concepts are similar in both I feel so far (although the breakdown of questions is different between the two sort of), but I just find the Manhattan book easier to use while testing.

Do you finish the sections? Do you have time left after the section? Do you feel like you are rushing the section? I personally struggle with answering the questions fast enough, which automatically gives me a lower score, since I can't answer between 6-10 questions on RC and LR. Like you, LG is not a struggle.

Also, check out the manhattan lsat website. They have a lot of awesome tools on there including a LSAT tracking excel sheet (I'm not sure if Testmasters has this, so it might be as helpful to you) and it helped me to see exactly what types of questions I should focus on in order to boost my score instead of just trying to read the entire book before the Oct test. They also have really great explanations. Make sure to thoroughly review your tests. I spent a few hours the other day going over just one test and analyzing why each and every answer was right AND why each was wrong. It helped me to see some patterns that the LSAT uses to trick us! Also, you can read the first chapter of each of their books to see if you actually like their style, which I think is really nice. Each book sort of has a different voice and connecting with the one that makes the most sense to you seems to make studying a little easier.

Lastly, as a person who has also been struggling with RC, try to stick with methods that work for you in your regular studying. I was trying to implement all these different ways that other people were using and sort of ignoring my normal way of studying. When I somewhat ignored what the books and everyone TLS was saying, I actually understood the material better and was able to answer the questions faster. So I guess what I am saying is, how are you most comfortable when you are reading for a test? When I read that way (which for me means taking small notes throughout my reading instead of just reading and making little notations on the side) I was actually able to move through the questions without looking back.

Hope that helps! Sorry it is so long, I am in a similar boat as you and am trying to share the lessons I have learned in the last few weeks! Good luck!

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