New LG Substitution rule...

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New LG Substitution rule...

Postby paulshortys10 » Tue Sep 13, 2011 12:51 am

I sure as hell don't want to lose 1 LG point because of this damn question , so I want to make sure I completely understand it. OK so this is what I know about tackling this question so far.

1. Review past hypos, IF the AC is not true in A past hypo, then count that puppy out.
2.This usually eliminates 2-3 AC's...Leaving 2-3 available AC's still. So this is where I get tricked out. You're supposed to create a hypo for each, where the NEW rule is substituted, yet proves the old rule wrong?...and these are wrong answers....

I feel this can be explained better cause that last part confuses me....ALso any tips on finding the right answer quickly are appreciated

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