The word "Adjacent" on Logic Games...

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The word "Adjacent" on Logic Games...

Postby notaznguy » Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:21 am

Okay, so I was doing the PT 16, Sept 1995 LG, Game #3 about Undeveloped Streets and I had no idea what the **** adjacent meant.

Adjacent could have been next to each other vertically or next to horizontally. I did this one untimed, so at first, I thought adjacent meant vertically as well. Turns out when I diagrammed it, it didn't quite work out and the answers were all wrong. So then I shifted my definition of adjacent to meaning only horizontally. Once I did this, I diagrammed it correctly and got every single problem right.

In the future, does adjacent mean ONLY horizontally or what? Because this is total BS for the LSAT to put just ambiguous language in a Logic Game. I would've wasted a good couple of minutes drawing out a diagram. The ONLY reason I realized adjacent did not mean vertical was when I read question 14, which forces you to pair a house directly opposite of each other and making both of them have the same styles. That would totally void the rules and make no sense whatsoever.

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Re: The word "Adjacent" on Logic Games...

Postby cynthia rose » Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:53 am

Adjacent in regard to LG games will always mean "next to"/side by side. It never means "across from." Remember, there is a street in the middle. That by default means the things that are opposite from each other cannot be next to each other, because there is something in between them.

The horizontal/vertical distinction is actually irrelevant in this case. If you had diagrammed this so that the street was vertical on your paper then "adjacent" would have meant vertical and "across from/opposite" would have meant horizontal, and the diagram would have still been accurate. Now if horizontal or vertical placement ever does matter in a game, the setup will explicitly state this.

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