help with LSAT LG question

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help with LSAT LG question

Postby dkentrepreneur » Tue Sep 06, 2011 9:35 pm

Exactly 6 dogs-PQ R S T U are entered in a dog show. The judge of the show awards exactly 4 ribbons, one for each of 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th places, to 4 of the dogs.
Rules: 1. each dog is either a greyhound or a labrador, but not both 2. two of the six dogs are female and four are male.
3. judge awards ribbons to both female dogs, exactly 1 of which is labrador. 4. exactly one labrador wins a ribbon
5. dogs P & R place ahead of dog S, and dog S places ahead of Q &T 6. dog P and R are greyhounds. 7. dog S & U are labrador
1.Which one of the following statements can be false? answer: dog P places ahead of dog R
2 If dog Q is female, which one of the following can be false? answer: Dog T is a greyhound
3.If dog T wins 4th, then which must be true? Dog Q is male
4. Which could be true? Dog T wins a ribbon

Can someone explain how they would tackle this question?


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Re: help with LSAT LG question

Postby SanDiegoJake » Wed Sep 07, 2011 3:16 pm

Diagram and symbolize my friend.

Start with a 5 column diagram, labelling the first 4 columns 1st-4th. Column 5 is for the two dogs that do not get ribbons.

3 rows in each column, row 1 for dog, row 2 for breed, row 3 for sex.

3. Row 3, Column 5. Read this clue as: Both non-ribbon dogs are males.
4. l,g,g,g (in as yet undetermined order) for columns 1-4
5. Visually symbolize relationships.

Pg, Rg ---- Sl ----Q, T

(Poor rendering, this would like more like an X than a straight line, with P,R at 45 degree angles to the left of S, connected with dashes. And QT at 45 degree angles to the right of S.)

Notice that P,R,S, are definitely getting ribbons, as they are each ahead of at least two other dogs. Non-ribbon dogs will be 2 of Q/T/U.

1) Yep, that one can be true or false, as we will see in questions 2 and 3. Eliminate all other answers as they Must Be True.
2) If Q is female, it must get a ribbon. T,U are dogs that do not get a ribbon. 4 places must be P,R (order undetermined), S = 3rd and a lab (only one that could be the female lab), Q= 4th, and a greyhound. Eliminate all other answers as they must be true.
3) Yep, if T is 4th, the 4 ribbons must be P/R (order undetermined) at 1st/2nd, then S 3rd, then T 4th. Both non-ribbon dogs, Q,U, must be male, as all non-ribbon dogs are male as per previous deduction.
4) Yep, we saw Dog T win a ribbon in Question 3.

On a scale of 1-4, 1 being the easiest game in a 4 Game section, and 4 being the hardest. This one's a 2, maybe a 3. It's all about visual symbolization and drawing that 5x3 diagram, and filling in what you know both at the outset, and then for each question.

Good luck dkentrepreneur!

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