Selling my LSAT Prep materials...

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Selling my LSAT Prep materials...

Postby Bjavadi » Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:18 am

Hey TLSers!

Have tons of LSAT prep stuff I'm getting rid of. It is almost everything you need to do the Pithypike method, plus some other stuff. List below, please PM me if interested in any/all of it.

Logical Reasoning Bible, Reading Comprehension Bible, Logic Games Bible (New, no writing) $20 each, or all three for $50.
Superprep, 10 Actual, 10 More and The Next 10 (New, no writing, slight crease in cover of Superprep) $7 each or all four for $25.
Ace the LSAT Logic Games (New, no writing) $8.
Preptests 44-56 (New, no writing) $6 each, or $70 for all 13.
Preptests 57-59 (Written in pencil, essay penned) $3 each.
2007 Kaplan Coursebooks (pencil markings, can be erased. They aren't the newest ones, but have great info. Includes Lesson Book, Pacing Practice, Mastery Practice, Endurance Practice, Stratosphere Workbook, and Homework Book) Set goes for $20.

PM me if interested in anything here. If you want all of the above stuff, let me know and we can work something out for less than the $200 I'm asking for everything individually.

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