Non-Native Speaker - What Elese Can I do?

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Re: Non-Native Speaker - What Elese Can I do?

Postby Spacemyace » Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:34 pm

bp shinners wrote:
Spacemyace wrote:You made some good rational statement in your post but the statement that most part of the questions fall into "if ___, then which__ be true" takes for granted the language structure used to set the game up. For instance, the house or building game that uses the key word "adjacent" may throw off some non native speakers who may pause for some time to think of the meaning. Most non native speakers would use "next" in their daily usage of English. It is definitely an inherent disadvantage but not an excuse not to compete.

That's a good point I hadn't fully considered. And I won't argue that it's not an inherent disadvantage. I still believe, however, that those words that would give a non-native speaker pause can be picked up over the course of studying as the same ones will come up repeatedly (such as adjacent).

I guess the main thrust of my post was that, while certainly more difficult, I don't think not being a native speaker is a bar to finishing all 4 games with decent accuracy. I'm sure it will cause you to lose the occasional point when you stumble on a question, but don't use it as a crutch so that you don't even believe you can get through 4 games. I've seen people do it, so have faith in yourself that you can, too!

Thanks for the confidence.


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Re: Non-Native Speaker - What Elese Can I do?

Postby melucky5 » Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:49 pm

Nulli Secundus wrote:PSA: Do not blame being a non-native speaker for your bad LSAT scores. Whether you are a successful Italian lawyer or a paralegal, that excuse makes no sense. You are not born speaking English, even English, actually, learn English.

I agree. I do not whine, I do not make excuses, I ask for advice. Actually, I do not even think that being a non-native speaker is disadvantage. On the contrary, many law schools consider the fact that I am a non-native speaker, so it might be beneficial for me.

pcwcecac, thank you, though we will see... Got this 3 days week-end. No work, only studying.

Everybody, thank you so much for advices!

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