Advantage of taking October vs December LSAT

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Advantage of taking October vs December LSAT

Postby the_pakalypse » Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:22 pm

I still have a few years left to graduate but this year in April I decided to study for the LSAT, just so I could get it out of the way and focus on my real interests/activities. Anyways, I've studied quite a bit and went from diag 159 to somewhere in the 170 range now. Gotten a few 172s, 175s and even hit 179 one point - I'm ecstatic over these scores. That being said, I still have nearly 40 percent of my PTs (nearly 25ish) left, which I could not possibly finish and review thoroughly by the October LSAT. I thought I would be able to but recently I felt really burned out while writing a test and thus decided to take a break.

My question is that do you think writing the December LSAT has any significant disadvantages over writing the October LSAT? Keep in mind I am not applying for another couple of years so it has no effect on the admissions cycle, and my academic course-load is fairly light at this point so it shouldn't interfere too much. My other concern was that I might begin to forget or lose some of those skills that I have developed for the LSAT, but I can go 2ish(maybe less) PT a week until December so I think they should be maintained. I'm leaning towards the December LSAT because I feel like a) there's so much more I can learn from this test, b) I don't want to rush and feel burned out, c) I have just started to feel like I have some control over the test.

Anyone with similar past experience?


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Re: Advantage of taking October vs December LSAT

Postby minnbills » Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:34 pm

There's no reason you can't take it in december.

You also don't need to take 2 pts/week to maintain your performance, in all likelihood.

Take it when you feel you're ready, preferably with another administration date between then and when you wish to apply.

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