Mental Block

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Mental Block

Postby zdamico » Fri Aug 12, 2011 5:34 pm

I am really pleased with my prepping so far, and I am happy about where I am at for the October LSAT except one thing.

My ability to understand and answer the questions is where I want it, but sometimes I get a mental block while taking prep tests. Often times at the beginning of LR sections, and sometimes at the beginning of the RC section, I find myself feeling stressed and as though this section will kill me.

Once I get going I am fine. Also, however, I get mental blocks when I have particular trouble with a question on any section. Whenever I make an effort to skip those I have trouble with, I am fine on time and even have time to go back. Whenever I don't, however, I'm usually a few minutes over on time.

What's the best way to improve on time and mental blocks on both LR and RC sections, especially Reading Comp.

I've only taken 3 preps so far, so I am hoping it will just come with time and practice.


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Re: Mental Block

Postby spek » Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:21 pm

I think this will improve with time and practice. You'll build confidence and while you'll always be a bit nervous, you will be able to control your nerves because you know you prepared for the test. Make sure that when you take a practice test you do it under strictly timed conditions and be sure to spend time reviewing your answers afterward. Figure out why you picked the right answers (what made it right) and go through the questions you got wrong to determine why you found the wrong answer attractive and why it is in fact wrong.

Good luck!

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Re: Mental Block

Postby gavinstevens » Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:50 pm

I struggle with this as well. On my PT today my first LR (second section) I went 17/24 and the second (fifth section) I went 24/26. If the LSAT was seven sections, I think I'd have an advantage. Endurance is not my issue, it's getting to be on point and hitting the ground running.

If you aren't doing a warm up, maybe a game, five LRs, and a passage, it could certainly help. I used to be worse before I added it to my routine.

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