Princeton Review: Cracking the Code 2012-Test 1

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Princeton Review: Cracking the Code 2012-Test 1

Postby zdamico » Tue Aug 02, 2011 5:36 pm

I am sorry if this is a repeat topic, but I tried searching for it and only found a question about last year's princeton review book prep tests, and my question is more specific to the most recent edition's tests.

I just read through it in about a week and took the first prep test. YES I know this isnt the best way to analyze my results, and I do intend on using Powerscore Bibles and Actual LSAC Prep Tests for the next two months. However, I was bought this book, and I elected to take the test due to the breakdowns of every problem, and I could identify problem types I had issues with.

Anyway, if anyone has taken this test, what did you think of it? I thought the Games section was unrealistically easy, but I'm not sure.

I got a 169 with 12 wrong, with 8 of those coming on RC, and 5 of those 8 coming in the last 5 questions (Damn!).

Thoughts on the first test in the most recent edition of Cracking the Code 2012?

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