Breaking the LR plateau

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Breaking the LR plateau

Postby iowalum » Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:33 pm

I know this probably happens to everyone at some point, but I am frustrated with not being able to improve my LR sections.

I did 164 on the Feb. 2009 LSAT with very minimal studying and am hoping to go 170+ this time around - which means no mistakes in LR.

It is normally my best section, and after some studying I was down to about -2 at the worst in each section. I thought concentrating solely on LR for a few days would help, but I must have gotten burned out because I went -10 total in my last PT (kill me now please).

So, advice on getting to -0/1?? And I'm hoping I'm not the only one who hit a slump...

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Tiago Splitter

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Re: Breaking the LR plateau

Postby Tiago Splitter » Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:43 pm

Burnout would probably be the reason for that -10.

Don't beat yourself up over missing 2 on each section. You can miss 4 LR questions on the real thing and still get a score most people would kill for. Just hang in there, and break up the practice from time to time.

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Re: Breaking the LR plateau

Postby SoPro » Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:48 pm

burnout baby. but f u for complaining about -2.

idk if you already do this but

1. make an excel sheet that records every problem you miss or star as difficult/guess
2. review said excel sheet. note what kinds of problems you are consistently missing
3. focus on those problem types
4 ....?
5. profit

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