Is 2 months enough time to study for the LSAT?

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Is 2 months enough time to study for the LSAT?

Postby Blahh_Blahh » Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:19 pm

I'm taking it on October 1 and time is quickly winding down and now I just have a little over two months. Yes it's completely my fault that I have wasted so much of the summer already but really there's nothing else I can do about that.

I've taken like 2 full-length PTs and am actually currently enrolled in an online course that ends in mid-August, but I have only done the class itself... pretty much none of the homework.

So, with having done just a bit of studying already but really working hard the next two months, is it possible to get a T14-worthy score by October 1? I really, really do not want to wait another year to begin law school. I know that's what many people here advocate if you don't get the score you want, but I am already waiting a year and for personal reasons it's Fall '12 or bust for me. So is there enough time for me, or am I screwed? On my last PT that I took I got a lovely score of 154. Many months before that when I took the first PT, I got 152. I still have a lot of the class material to go and have yet to learn how to solve all the LG and such. I was hoping when I started this process I'd be able to get above a 170, but that seems to not be how things are panning out.

edit: And my GPA is a 3.95. Is it true that some good west coast schools weigh GPA a lot more highly than the LSAT?


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Re: Is 2 months enough time to study for the LSAT?

Postby sarahlawg » Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:22 pm

it's hard to say if you'll get a "t-14 worthy score" but it is possible to do in 2 months. I started like 2nd week of august until the oct test 2010 and did well. I studied a lot and took 30ish tests before the big day. buckle down and do that homework! you have to get serious about it if you're in the 150s right now.

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Re: Is 2 months enough time to study for the LSAT?

Postby incompetentia » Mon Jul 25, 2011 5:53 pm

You're looking at a jump of about 16 points without doing very much work so far. Most likely, you'll have to really buckle down and drill like crazy over the next month to have a realistic shot at 17x. You should be able at this point to tell to some extent what question types you're still missing, what question types eat up your time, and whether or not your LG/RC approaches are effective.

Do note that aiming for a 170 usually means having a PT average into the low-mid 170s, which means being able to get around 95% of the questions correct when you're working timed, which means you should be getting almost all of them correct on normal drills if you want to err on the side of caution. With a 3.95 GPA, a sub-170 score won't completely sink you in the T14 (there are some 16x/3.9x that get in to lower T14 schools), but you have to ultimately pull the trigger yourself.

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Re: Is 2 months enough time to study for the LSAT?

Postby RaleighStClair » Tue Jul 26, 2011 3:40 am

Go study. If you aren't ready by mid September, you should probably delay.

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