What would you do if you had two years to prep for LSAT?

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Re: What would you do if you had two years to prep for LSAT?

Postby PDaddy » Fri Jul 22, 2011 2:40 am

buckilaw wrote:
You're 16?! Dude. Go get some life experiences, have an open mind, and then consider law school. Nobody knows what the hell they want when they are 16, but 98.7% think they know everything. Such is the nature of being a teen. If you're not old enough to watch R rated movies, you're too young to be worried about graduate school.

Even if you crush the LSAT and have a stellar GPA most adcomms would think twice about admitting an 18 year old with no appreciable life/work experience. You should experience life a bit before you give your soul to the hungry bitch that is 1L. But, you could also be doing yourself a disservice in regards to your chances of admissions at top schools.

This is so true, especially in today's market. Law schools are reserving seats for safer candidates, i.e., those with work experience and maturity that will impress employers. They also don't want bitter, wet behind the ears under 25'ers with little or no life experience graduating from their schools, mad b/c they don't have jobs (or the jobs they thought they would have).

My answer was predicated on OP's insistence on applying to law school either as an undergrad or right after. My advice has always been for people to wait until their mid/late 20's to apply, really. Get some work experience, travel, see places, experience some new things...get fluent in a foreighn language and save up some money.


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Re: What would you do if you had two years to prep for LSAT?

Postby alliehs » Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:28 pm

thanks for all of the great advise guys! i really learned alot.
thanks again :wink:

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