Prepping for October LSAT, Need some advice/info

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Prepping for October LSAT, Need some advice/info

Postby LawHungry » Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:26 am

So, Heres the deal I am giving a second shot at LSAT on October; and doing a self-study for it. I am using Lsat Super Prep, LG, RC, LR Bibles and my old Testmasters Books that I have from taking the class over a year ago...

However, I had to stop my prep for while in the middle after my first attempt because of some lacking of self-confidence, determination issues. But Now I have started again and wish to get as much done till October.

I Currently work fulltime 5 days a week and study as soon as i Get home, I was thinking of just purchasing the online learning center for Testmasters that only has a bunch of video solutions to problems and the advantage of taking the test online and getting your score.

Would you guys advise me that or would that be a waste of time and I should just stick with self-study. The reason being I can't take a prep course because of my work schedule and I don't know if online prep course is even beneficial compared to inclass interaction.

So what do you guys think; what would you do if you were in my shoes, I guess the worst thing worse for me would be delaying the test to Dec the Latest and still get my applications out for either schools that take either spring and/or fall classes.

anything would be much appreciated;

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Re: Prepping for October LSAT, Need some advice/info

Postby BlaqBella » Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:31 am

The best online course out there is Manhattan LSAT. I'm currently a student of one of their online course and I highly suggest it. It's a huge misconception that one needs to sit in a classroom setting to be interactive. My online class is just as interactive (if not, more so) than if I were to take an offline class. The classes are smaller and I get to ask more questions than if I was in a classroom filled with 30+ students. I also work full-time and prefer the online class structure because it allows for me to listen to previous class recordings whenever I want, even during the work day.

I'm also a huge proponent of MLSAT because their online course comes with weekly 30-minute office hours with an instructor to address your personal questions, access to their online forum to discuss questions/exams amongst instructors and students, their own virtual proctor and LSAT score tracker, and access to all of the 63 released LSAT. And this is outside the 12 3-hour classrooms and homework material. Like I said, compared to what other online courses are offering it is truly the best out there. :mrgreen:

If I was you I would suggest taking an online course but pay for one that actually gives you a bigger bang for your buck. But if you decide to self-study, I highly suggest reading MLSAT's own guides. They are far more succinct and unadulterated than the Bibles, more specifically the LR and RC Bibles.

Just my .02.

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